CR4043 4″x1/16″x3/8″ Metal/Stainless Steel Cutting Wheels (10/pack)

CR4043 4″x1/16″x3/8″ Metal/Stainless Steel Cutting Wheels (10/pack)

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Item No.: CR4043
UPC# 19825
The “R” series
Diameter: 4″
Thickness: 1/16″
Arbor: 3/8
Specifications: A46T – Aluminum oxide; Double reinforced
Hard bond for long life
Quantity shipped: 10 Per box
For cutting: Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Maximum operating speed 19,000 RPM

The R series – Type 1 cut-off wheels for stainless steel and metal cutting.
High Performance Cut-off wheels are designed to provide high cutting rates. Very aggressive cutting action and long life on a wide range of materials including stainless steel, metal stud and steel bar. What makes these wheels outlast the standard aluminum oxide wheels is the grain formulation.

If you already like our standard general purpose cut-off wheels, you will be even more please with the performance of the “R” series.


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